Monday, February 20, 2012

Soft-Book Tutorial & Doll Quilt

My little grandbaby is turning 1 this weekend, so I decided to stitch up a couple of little gifts. One is a soft-book from the Who's A Bunny book panel available here. So, while doing so I figured it would be a good time to do a tutorial. Here we go:

Of course, we will be following the panel instructions. Cut out all pieces; if some are misshapen, then pull them into shape. This is usually simple to do - I use my cutting mat as a guide.

Cut your batting or interfacing (I used fusible interfacing) using the pages as templates. Adhere interfacing to backs of specified pages following package directions.

This photo shows some little folded trianges I used as embellishments. They were each 2 1/2" square which I folded twice and ironed. I positioned each into the right-hand side (pointing in) of the front cover seam before I sewed the seam.

Sew pages together following directions on panel. Leave 3-4" section open on each for turning, clip corners, trim batting (if used), turn and stitch closed.

Layer pages and sew together following panel directions. Embellish if desired. That's it!

Doll quilt: On the soft-book panel, there was an extra image that could be used for a pillow or applique. I decided to use it for a doll quilt. I used some yardage and 2 1/2" squares (these are California Girl from Fig Tree) for the borders. I layered it with some flannel for the inside and scrap for the backing, stitched it like a pillow, turned it and am now quilting it. I'll be sure and post a pic when it's done (which better be by this weekend).

Still working on those Dresden Plate wedges....

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