Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Quilt Finish & Why You Should Enter Giveaways

I finished my Fall Sunflower Rail Fence quilt.  Yippee!  Just in time for Christmas.  : /   But, it's sooo ready for next year.  I free-motion quilted it with wavy lines through the rail fence blocks and outline stitching around the applique.

I backed it with a fun retro-style chicken print from my store (which by the way, is 25% off right now).


OK, now to why you should enter blog giveaways - look at this great stuff! 

I have only entered a handful of giveaways, but have already won twice!   I won the above bounty from Sew We Quilt and Jillily.  And, no, I'm not usually this lucky, but blog land is changing that.  I can't wait to find the perfect pattern for that stack of yummy fabrics.

And coincidentally, we'll be having a new giveaway here on the 10th.  And I'm pretty sure you'll like it.  There's still time to get in on my current one.

Linking to:  Sunny Simple Sundays


  1. I absolutely love this quilt! It's beautiful!!

  2. Oh my gosh....I LOVE it!!
    xo Kris

  3. Love your quilt! love the cute backing fabric too! sue~nz

  4. Gorgeous quilt, just lovely! I found your link at Sunny Simple Life, thanks for sharing the quilt with us. Mary

  5. Your quilt is lovely with fun colors. When you quilted it - is this by hand or machine? Mom is still doing hers by hand and it takes her forever to do!! Lovely!!

  6. oh I love quilts and yours is lovely! :) I was starting an applique block this morning for a sampler quilt and have taken a break ....I was just thinking how my bird's body looks more like a blimp than a bird, lol...

  7. Congratulations to JoyceLM!! Your sunflower quit is amazing! Love it!

  8. Sorry Stac, what was the name of the book again? I want to make another one! Thanks, karen