Monday, March 4, 2013

New Additions

We brought these 3 little guys home a week or so ago. 

They're so cute!  Sorry about the crummy picture; every time I went to take their picture, they went in the other direction.  They have their own 6' x 6' pen inside our chicken pen, with access to this cage inside the chicken barn for shelter.  They've gotten busy digging a rabbit hole in their pen, which is the best shelter of all for them.  They have a job in their future - when they're big enough, they're going to eat the awful Bermuda grass in our garden.  That stuff is so invasive.  

The lettuce and spinach we planted in a garden box is starting to sprout.  I'm sure the bunnies will enjoy those too. 

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  1. They are adorable....I have heard of people using goats, chickens, and even sheep as four-legged weed control. I have never thought of using bunnies. I hope it works out well for you.