Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Winner! And Some Advice About Quilting Large Quilts

Rebecca you are the winner of the Machine Quilting With Style e-book!  (Sorry I'm a little late.)  Send me your email address and I'll forward it to the publisher, who will in turn send you your copy.   To pick the winner, I numbered the comments and chose a number using the Random Generator.  (You can see it in the lower right-hand corner.)  

OK, speaking of comments, thank you for a great response!  It seems that quilters are really interested in improving their quilting skills.  I started replying to each one and I just couldn't keep up.  So if I didn't answer yours, know that I read and appreciated every one. 

In reading the comments, I noticed a common theme.  Most of you are willing to quilt your own smaller quilts, but send out anything larger than a twin size (me included).  Christa offers suggestions in her book that will help us quilt those larger tops:
  • Make sure your machine is at the same level as the work surface around it
  • Support your quilt well on the back and left sides of your machine
  • Use gloves made for machine-quilting to help with grip (I've even resorted to kitchen gloves which worked well in a pinch, kind of hot though)
  • Use good body and hand positioning (more about these in the book).  
When I asked her if she had any other large quilt advice, Christa reminded me to "Just take it nice and slow".   Sounds like great advice Christa.  For more great info, get your own copy of Christa's book here or here.  

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  1. I love your quilt more and more every time I see it!!