Monday, March 5, 2012

Dresden Plates and Quilt Show News

I got a couple of Dresden Plates finished over the weekend, and really like how they're turning out. I think I'll put an off-white solid behind them to give them even more of a vintage feel.

I wanted to share this tip - after arranging how I wanted a plate to look (I wanted each to be a bit different), I numbered them. That way they can be sewn in pairs without breaking the thread in between. I put them back in order and then sew the pairs together, and so on.

On Wednesday last week, I helped my friend Christa check in quilts for our upcoming guild quilt show. We were all impressed with the workmanship of the quilts, and since there were over 300 quilts entered, it should be a great show! It will be held at the Henderson (a suburb of Las Vegas) Convention Center March 9-11. 

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  1. I am almost caught up on my sleep now - thanks for your help with the show!!

  2. Great tip. Your dresden is sweet!

  3. OOOOO Stac.......I love the fabrics! And thanks for the sewing tip.
    Take lots of pics at the show. Did you enter anything? I miss LV.....
    Hugs, Karen

    1. Dang, I didn't even get to go Karen - work, babysitting my adorable grand daughter and Boy Scout duties. Next year!