Monday, June 11, 2012

Some Finished Quilts

 As promised, here are pics of my newly finished quilts (click any to enlarge):

This baby quilt was made from two charm packs and will be given to charity. It was stipple-quilted all over and turned out pretty well.  Baby quilts are a great way to practice your free motion quilting.

This baby quilt was made for a great-niece. Good gracious, I can't be that old.   It was quilted with straight-line quilting. I really need to get it to her, she's about 8 months old now.  Sheesh.

Here's a peek at the Log Cabin quilt that I made for my husband.  It's big - 72" square - and I need to find a good place to take a larger picture.  We are building a cabin (hey that would be a good place to for a picture) and this quilt will stay there for the summer.  The backing has deer and pine trees.  It was quilted stitch-in-the-ditch (which I won't do again, doesn't show up and too many stops and starts) and I free-motion quilted a leaf vine in the borders. No flowers, pinks, or purples were used for this quilt.  : ) 

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