Monday, August 19, 2013

My New Sewing Space

After my 21-year-old daughter moved out last November, we had an extra room in the house - yippee!  After months of considering what to do with it, we've decided it will be a sewing/guest/office/exercise room (still not sure what to call it).  I painted over the bubblegum pink walls with a creamy white, and I love how it looks.  Last week we started moving things in.  I'm not near done with it, but this is what I've got so far.

My husband took the doors off the closet and that gave us a lot more room.  On the right side, I'll store my fabrics, projects and supplies.  See those cardboard mailing boxes on the top shelf of the closet?  They hold my works-in-progress.  They're about 9"x12"x2", are the perfect size, and stack nicely.  The top sliding baskets hold misc. scraps, and the bottom baskets hold my notions.  I have more to put in there, but the basics are there.  My flannel board will go up on the wall next to my machine.  The dresser will hold my rotary-cutting mat and iron.

The left side of the closet holds my son's computer (he's 13).  My husband's desk will go on the opposite side of the room next to the treadmill.  It will be nice to have them in there while I'm sewing.  Or using the treadmill.  We'll see.  :)

We still have to bring in my tall cabinet with fold-down table, TV and ironing board.  And maybe hang some curtains.  I'm looking forward to giving it some vintage personality, maybe with reds and blues.  

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  2. How fun to have your own sewing room, when we move I'll have my own sewing room too!

  3. Yay Stacy! I'm glad you finally have more space!

  4. It's coming along so nicely. You are going to love this space! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  5. Beautiful craft room and a sweet looking kitty!
    Thank you so much for sharing at Tuesdays with a Twist. Come on over and share what you've been working on.

  6. Having your own space to sew is certainly a treat! It may not be much to the eyes of some, but your husband put in a lot of effort, to bring you this personal workspace and he did a pretty good job! If you have the savings and time in the future, maybe you can get a remodeling project done only by trusted professionals. Good day!

    Lynn Williamson @ Dal Builders